SSC Forum's 3 golden rules of posting! **Read before posting**

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SSC Forum's 3 golden rules of posting! **Read before posting**

Post  FrostNova on Wed Oct 28, 2009 8:01 am

The SSC Forums are fun and free but there are rules to fallow, not doing so may result in suspension, demotion, or banning.

1.Absolutely no cursing

Cursing is strictly prohibited! Luckily Cursing is censored but if I see censored words in a post i will pm you a warning and you will have to edit your post. As this Forum progresses we will be greeted by new faces and younger age groups, this is why i ask you not to cuss. Some words you may not no you could not say but as i tried to censor as many curse words i know i will pm you a warning for a word looking or seeming like a cuss word. Lets say boogers was a curse word saying Boo gers or Bogars is a 1 day suspension.

2.Do not start arguments and insults

Insulting may be offensive and is not what the SSC is about. If you are insulted on a public topic moderators or I will PM you for a warning and for you to settle the situation (Under the supervision of a moderator) and to make up. If a member PMs you an insult contact me or a moderator immediately. We do not check PMs (And yes we can) because of invasion of privacy, but if someone is insulted in a PM and we are contacted, we will look over the PM and do as above, warning, settling of the situation, and making up.
Arguments are some what like the rules for insulting because of the steps taken to straighten things out, but the situation may be very different. Some arguments discussing polls are allowed but not much more.

3.No religious or political discussions

Having different opinions is fine but if they involve races, religions, or politics keep them to your selves. Discussing these will lead to suspension or ban, enough said.

Please fallow these rules and understand the consequences, but otherwise have fun and enjoy the forums!


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